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    Comments: Dr. Vani Sabesan from HCA Florida Atlantis Orthopedics performed my full shoulder replacement surgery in August of 2022. The amazing experience I had on my journey to better health and quality of life with this practice and it’s staff compelled me to write this detailed review. Prior to finding HCA Florida Atlantis Ortho, I was receiving injection from another practice into my shoulder every 4 months for 4-5 years. I was riddled with arthritis and in constant pain. The injections only made it tolerable while they lasted and then I would have to go back and get another injection. This was a painfully exhausting and costly few years for me. During this time, my quality of life was greatly diminished and I wasn’t able to enjoy or fully participate in activities that I love, such as karate. I have been training in Goju Ryu karate for over 21 years and as a 5th degree black belt I am often at the dojo teaching or training. My shoulder issues made it very difficult and painful to participate to my full potential for years. Now I am in ZERO pain!

    From the beginning, Dr. Sabesan was very personable. She performed thorough visits and made sure all my questions were answered. I never felt rushed or like the doctor needed to move on to the next patient and get me out of the office. Dr. Sabesan even called me personally after my surgery to check up on me. This personalness and friendliness is true for all the staff I encountered at this practice. I have been in PT (which is in-house at HCA) since immediately after my surgery and the surgical assistant Madison often pops by to see how I am doing and progressing. The PT staff is also amazing. I want to give Bill, Jamie and Anthony a special shout out for pushing me hard and getting me to where I am today in my recovery. I now have good mobility and range using my new shoulder. I still have a way to go to build back my strength and fully get back to doing the things I love like karate and riding my motorcycle, but I know I will get there (maybe even better than ever!) with these amazing people on my team!

180 John F Kennedy Dr
Suite 100
Atlantis, FL 33462

Boynton Beach

10275 Hagen Ranch Road
Suite 200
Boynton Beach, FL 33437


1221 S. State Road 7
Suite 200
Wellington, FL 33414

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